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​Dr. Suh received her Ph.D. in biomedicine in South Korea and came to Houston to work as a postdoctoral associate at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas Medical School in 2003. 

​In 2009, she joined the University of Houston as research assistant professor and worked there until she moved to the University of Texas Medical School. At the University of Texas Medical School, she worked as a part-time research associate(non-clinical) and started her acupuncture & oriental medicine practice. She quit her job at UT medical school and turned to full time acupuncture & oriental medicine practitioner in 2013.

Her research was on topics of Thyroid disease, Kidney development and disease, and Retina neurotransmitter.

Jung H. Song, L.Ac, Ph.D.

Bowon Acupuncture & Herb

Dr. Song received his Ph.D. in medical school in South Korea. His study focused on nephrology and endocrinology in the department of internal medicine. He came to the US as a postdoctoral researcher at Baylor College of Medicine and he also worked at the University of Texas Health Science Center. His research was based on the neuroscientific aspect of metabolic diseases, such as diabetes and obesity.

He graduated from American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and started his practice both in Houston and The Woodlands clinic.

Jaemi Suh, L.Ac, Ph.D.